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12/09/14 Full Streaming track: "The Edge" Tab+backing track available
25/07/14 How to use arpeggios to make cool riffs Part2 | Lick 150
How to use arpeggios to make cool riffs Part1 | Lick 149
Phrygian Metal Riffs Μερος 4ο || Μαθήματα Κιθάρας στα Ελληνικά
Thrash Metal Phrygian Riff (Metallica Megadeth Kreator) | Lick 148
Phrygian Metal Riffs Μερος 3ο || Μαθήματα Κιθάρας στα Ελληνικά
Dream Theater inspired Phrygian Metal Riff (in 3/4) | Lick 147
Phrygian Metal Riffs Μερος 2ο || Μαθήματα Κιθάρας στα Ελληνικά
How to create cool Phrygian Metal Riffs Part2 (in 7/8)
| Lick 146
How to create cool Phrygian Metal Riffs Part1
| Lick 145
Phrygian Metal Riffs Μερος 1ο || Μαθήματα Κιθάρας στα Ελληνικά
Joe Satriani Style Tapping Lick | Lick of the Week 144
Fast Minor Pentatonic Tapping Lick Part3 | Lick of the Week 143
Hand of God - Nobody's Wife || Anouk cover || Metal version
Fast Minor Pentatonic Tapping Lick Part2 | Lick of the Week 142
Quick Test: Harley Benton L-1000LH VB Progressive Line
Fast Minor Pentatonic Tapping Lick Part1 | Lick of the Week 141
Greg Howe Lick Part2 | Lick of the Week 140
Greg Howe Lick Part1 | Lick of the Week 139
Michael Romeo (Symphony X) Lick Part2 | Lick of the Week 138
Hand of God-No Holding Back | Guitar Playthrough video
Michael Romeo (Symphony X) Lick Part1 | Lick of the Week 137
02/06/13 Paul Gilbert style Lick Part2 | Lick of the Week 136
Hand of God - No Holding Back (full track streaming)
HAND OF GOD - Start Again | Official Video
Verve Guitars Z1 Model | Presentation video
Paul Gilbert style Lick Part1 | Lick of the Week 135
Jason Becker style Licks Part2 | Lick of the Week 134
15/04/13 Line 6 POD HD-Marshall JTM45 (Lead+Rhythm Patch for Download)
Μαθήματα Κιθάρας-Μινόρε Συγχορδίες Μερος 3
Soundcheck Virus Pedal | Demonstration Video
8 Scales in one Solo | Fahrenheit Guitars Promo Video
Ultra Fast Shredding | Fahrenheit Guitars Promo Video
Theodore Ziras - Monster 5 (featuring Andy James) full streaming
Fahrenheit Guitars | Promo Video
Μαθήματα Κιθάρας-Μινόρε Συγχορδίες Μερος 2
Μαθήματα Κιθάρας-Μινόρε Συγχορδίες Μερος 1
Μαθήματα Κιθάρας-Ματζόρε Συγχορδίες Μερος 2
Prejudice Reborn feat. Theodore Ziras - O.C.D.|Instructional Video
Μαθήματα Κιθάρας-Ματζόρε Συγχορδίες Μερος 1
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12/09/14 "The Edge" Full Track Streaming on Youtube
+ Tab/Backing Track Available

Full Track
"The Edge" is available for full streaming now on YouTube.
Included on
"Virtual Virtuosity-The Reincarnation".
Also the official Tab+Backing Track are available in digital download
for 2.95 euro. Click here to purchase (100% safe)


05/09/14 "Virtual Virtuosity-The Reincarnation"  new release

11 years after the original release of
"Virtual Virtuosity" (2003) the same compositions are back in a brand new remixed and remastered version.
New drums, new Bass, new rhythm guitars. Only the lead guitars are the same as the original release (2003).
A brilliant neo-classical release
"Virtual Virtuosity-The Reincarnation".
Classic sweep arpeggios, searing extended solo sections, memorable themes, and overall extraordinary playing mark this release.

Release date: 8th September 2014


Available in Digital Format on
  Bandcamp                  itunes              CDBaby           Amazon          Google play

25/07/14 "Lick of the Week" last ever episode (#150)
Message from Theodore:
After 150 episodes and almost 6 years i think that this is the right
time for the "Lick of the Week" series to be completed.

so the episode #150 is the last one.
Don't worry, something better and bigger is on the way and
will be announced very soon. Thank you for your support.

06/07/14 Theodore Ziras live at Poros Art Festival
Message from Theodore:
I had the honor to play a 15 minutes instrumental set list
for the closing ceremony of the
Poros Art Festival (Poros is my homeland).
Track List:
1. Gary Moore-Still got the Blues (instrumental Version)
2. Gary Moore-The Loner (instrumental)
3. Brand new instrumental un-named track
(will be included on my next album)

To view a sample of this performance on Youtube click

22/02/14 Theodore Ziras Interview @ PromoNews
(Greek Language)
To view the video on Youtube click here

26/01/14 New Hand of God Official Video
Hand of God - Nobody's Wife || Anouk cover || Metal version
To view the video on Youtube click here

10/09/13 Theodore Ziras Interview @
(Greek Language)
To view the video on Youtube click here

02/07/13 Theodore Ziras Guitar Clinic
Athens 11 July, 18.30, for details click here

27/05/13 "Hand of God" CD Shipping

The shipping for the pre-orders of the
"Hand of God" CD starts today
A big
THANK YOU to all of you that order the CD.
"Hand of God" is available @
on CD and Digital Digital format.

15/05/13 Theodore Ziras Band Live (23rd May 2013)

Theodore Ziras band will perform after almost 18 months
after the Athens show with Vinnie Moore.
Kyttaro Club 23 may 21.00
Theodore Ziras band will perform a 30 minutes show
ass a support act for the Greek prog metallers
Persona Non Grata
for details click here

15/05/13 Hand of God - Start Again Brand new videoclip
Hand of God-Start Again official Video clip is available now on YouTube
Click here to watch

To pre-order the "Hand of God" debut CD click on the banners below


10/03/13 Fahrenheit Guitar - Brand mew guitar just arrived

I just received my brand new custom made guitar
It called
Fahrenheit Guitar. This guitar was made specifically for my needs
Main Specs:
Black walnut body, Maple top, Ebony fretboard, 5 piece neck, Seymour Duncan Blackouts Pick Ups, Locking tuners

For specific details about Fahrenheit Guitars click here

Ultra Fast Shredding|Fahrenheit Guitars Promo Video

Fahrenheit Guitars | Promo Video

"Tearing Apart" brand new official video out now
To purchase Monster 5 visit: CD Store    itunes
Video Directed by Agis Agelomatis (Soundpixel)

02/12/11 Go East & Salvation Performance videos @ Youtube

Brand new Performace muilticam HD videos uploaded @ YouTube
for tracks "Go East" and "Salvation"
Both songs included @ Hyperpyrexia CD (2007)

Pod Farm Metal Preset by Theodore Ziras

This is a great metal preset that I made especially for you.
To download the preset and instructions on how to achieve that sound
please follow the following steps

1. Like my Facebook page

2. Send email to and write the name of the full name of facebook profile name with which you did the like
(for confirmation purposes and also to join the Theodore official Ziras newsletter)

3. After few hours you will receive a link (zip file) with all the files and instructions to achieve the same sound as on the video

All you need is Line 6 POD Farm 1.12 Software (for the Guitar Sound)
and Izotope Ozone 5 (for mastering).

Enjoy, Theodore

For this video I am using:
Guitar: LTD EC-1000 (left hand)
Pickups: EMG 81+60
Guitar Tuning: Standard C  (from low to high C F Bb Eb G E)
Strings: D'Addario  EXL117
Pick: Dunlop Small Stubby 3mm